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Concomitant AF Education Pathway

AtriCure is dedicated to continuously updating and improving its training programs. Our goal is to provide HealthCare Providers (HCPs) with educational courses that will allow them to adapt to evolving products and techniques. These educational and training programs are designed with significant input and counsel by an Education Steering Committee comprised of the world’s leading experts in their field to help individuals at varying experience levels learn more about the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation. The program is focused on helping practitioners expand their expertise and improve patient care.

Maze IV Training Program

This one-day training is for physicians interested in concomitant ablation – either to implement a program or with the desire to optimize current ablation techniques. This dynamic and interactive course features a variety of learning formats. During the program, participants will be trained by a minimum of three experts in the field of surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation. 

The program is developed to help individuals at varying experience levels learn more about the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation. The course provides didactic sessions followed by hands-on (open chest specimen) performing Maze IV lesion patterns using Cryo and RF energy and LAAE management with AtriClip devices.

The didactic session covers the following topics:

  • Evidence for surgical AF ablation and the effect on patient outcomes
  • Effective treatment strategies based on the underlying pathology
  • Surgical techniques using different energy sources to improve the results of concomitant ablation in different types of procedures
  • Pre and Post-Op considerations
  • LAA Management

Trainers will share best practices for becoming an effective AF surgeon and show how to avoid pitfalls in different settings. Attendees have the opportunity to discuss upcoming cases with a trainer to identify the right ablation strategy for their patients.

Training venue: KU Leuven/Faculty of Medicine - Leuven, Belgium

Target audience: Cardiac surgeons who have the desire to start an AF program or want to optimize their current practice.

Interested in attending? Please visit AF Connect.

Peer to Peer (Case Observation)

This one-day program allows healthcare professionals to observe 1-2 live cases with different energy sources (Cryo/ RF) and LAA management for either open chest or MICS ablation technique. AtriCure recognizes the importance to observe, having discussions about the specific ablation strategy with practitioners from hospitals with extensive experience, learn about best patient selection and follow-up.

Kindly note that some training centers will only be able to accommodate two attendees at a time. This restriction is due to the importance of observation during the clinical case and hospital regulation. In the majority of the training centers, attendees are able to scrub in.

Location: Various locations

Proctoring (Onsite Case Support)

Any interested physician can request a Proctor for their case. Please contact your AtriCure representatives three weeks in advance of the scheduled case to request a Proctor. 


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