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Total Thoracoscopic Ablation (TT ablation)

AtriCure is committed to providing the most recent and relevant education. We recognize the importance of this material as a key component in giving the HealthCare Provider (HCP) access to the knowledge and experience required to assure optimal safety and outcomes in the atrial fibrillation patient population. This section contains educational materials and activities intended to enhance the user’s experience.

Total Thoracoscopic Ablation (TT Ablation)

This 1/2 day training is for Cardiac surgeons interested in endoscopic ablation technique. The course provides didactic sessions followed by hands-on performing ablation/ LAA management in a beating heart training model set up using Synergy Clamp and AtriClip device. You will discuss OR setup, patient selection, best practices, and how to start the program.

The program is for physicians who already have experience in concomitant ablation. Your trainers will provide tips and show you how to avoid pitfalls in different settings. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to discuss upcoming cases with a trainer to identify the right strategy for your patients.

Target audience: Cardiac surgeons who have endoscopic experience and have a referral program in place.

Location: AtriCure Office, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Peer to Peer (Case Observations)

This one-day program allows healthcare professionals to observe two surgical live cases in various locations. AtriCure recognizes the importance to observe, having discussions about the specific ablation strategy with practitioners from hospitals with extensive experience, learn about best patient selection and follow-up. In the majority of the training centers, attendees are able to scrub in. Please note that some training centers will only be able to accommodate two attendees at a time. This restriction is due to the importance of observation during clinical cases and hospital regulations.

Location: Various locations

Proctoring (Case Support)

This is a one-day program with two cases scheduled. Please contact your AtriCure representative three weeks prior to the scheduled case so an appropriate Proctor can be assigned. 

Webinars (On Demand)

The 1.5-hour webinars are scheduled with faculty experts and include presentations and discussions about patient selection, best practices, LAA management, and how to start a program. Webinars are considered as a team approach and attendees should consist of a team of surgeons and cardiologists/electrophysiologists. Webinars can also be used as a follow-up of first cases, patient outcomes, and discuss with experienced faculty how to continue.

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